Increase Profits! Reduce Your Pour Costs.

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  • Increase profits by controlling costs.
  • Use the loss calculators to see how much you may be losing!
  • A 1/4 ounce overpour on a one ounce shot increases your cost by 25%!
  • Tens of thousands of dollars are spent for equipment to dispense gasoline, as gasoline prices rise. Yet, liquor costs, often over $100 a gallon, are often dispensed with cheap plastic pourers.
  • Quick pouring increases your server’s efficiency and more pours means increased profits
  • Consistent drinks and more pours equals increased profits and better tips
  • Liquor and beer inventory are secured, so nothing is dispensed without being recorded
  • Dramatically cut liquor purchases

  • Liquor Portion Control

  • Consistent drinks
  • Reduces loss from spillage and over pouring
  • Free pour and shot glass are often over poured
  • Why do you think they call it "free" pour?

  • Accountability

  • Eliminates give-aways and theft
  • Records every drink poured
  • Prevents unauthorized pouring after the bar is closed

  • Liability

  • Consistent pouring equals better tracking of customer's alcohol intake to help reduce drunk driving
  • Decreases liability insurance premiums
  • Provides stronger defense if ever sued for negligence