Complete Bar and Restaurant Management Systems

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All Barmeister & Berg beverage and liquor dispensers and liquor control systems are designed and equipped to interface easily with point of sale (POS) systems and terminals. Including your POS system as part of your liquor control system is an important part of the “Complete Liquor Control Equation”. Without connecting your POS system and liquor controls, you lose the “Ring Up To Pour” part of the equation and therefore don’t know how much cash should be in the till!

Berg Tap2

Berg Tap2

8 Portion Sizes - Easy Clean

Berg Laser

Berg Laser

6-12-16-32 Brands and up to 48 cocktail mixes with as many as 5 brands dispensed at the same time

Berg Wireless

Berg Merlin Wireless


Berg All Bottle

Berg All Bottle ID

200 Brand - 4 Price Levels

Point of Sale

MicroSale Point of Sale

Complete Restaurant Point of Sale System. Every aspect of MicroSale was designed with you in mind. Created by restaurant owners. For restaurant owners.