Portable Liquor Systems-6-12-16 Brands

We are currently running a summer promotion on our portable liquor systems. The 6 brand portable unit has a POS station and ice vessel which is perfect for smaller gatherings. Our 12 and 16 brand untis can also interface to a POS systems. Call us today for more information.

Berg All Bottle

Berg All Bottle ID - 200 Brand - 4 Price Levels

Utilizing state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) microchip technology, Berg All-Bottle Brand ID™ bottle top liquor dispensers and liquor controls operate like the All-Bottle™ ring pouring bottle top "price level" liquor dispensing systems, but track liquor pouring activity by each liquor brand!

Berg All-Bottle Brand ID ring pouring bottle top liquor controls are designed using radio frequency (RF) microchip technology, enabling tracking of the specific brand, portion size and price for every pour.

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Berg Laser

Berg Laser - from 6-12-16-32 Brands

Berg Laser™ gun style beverage and liquor dispensers and control systems are the ultimate in dispensing quickly, accurately and consistently, making dispensing fast and easy for your bartenders and giving you total control and accountability for every drink poured – all at a very affordable price!

Berg Laser gun style beverage and liquor dispensing systems handle up to 16 brands of liquor that can be dispensed individually, or up to 48 cocktail mixes with as many as 5 brands dispensed at the same time with the push of a button – fast and easy!

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Berg Tap2

Berg Tap2 - 8 Portion Sizes - Easy Clean

Berg TAP2™ draft beer, wine and liquor dispensers and controls are specifically designed with Perlick stainless steel faucets for consistent pours of beer, wine and large batch liquor drinks like margaritas, including Guinness beer and pouring warm beer with minimum foam.

With the TAP2 draft beer dispensing system controlling over-pour, waste, “give-a-ways” and unauthorized drinking, bar owners have experienced up to twice the profits over sales of bottled or canned beer.

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Berg Merlin Wireless

Berg Merlin Wireless - 4 Portion Sizes


• Affordable
• Functional
• Easy to use
• Venue friendly
• POS/PC interface compatible

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Barmeister Liquor Control - 4 Portion Sizes

4 Custom pour sizes from 1/8oz to 15+oz per liquor-making a long island ice tea or any other 2-4 liquor drink is no problem. Auto shutoff at close of business to prevent after hour drinking! Tops are easily programmed and can be changed to any brand in less than a minute. Rings up on register or pos automatically- if register is off no drinks can be poured. Will interface to Aloha, Future POS, Micros 9700, Digital Dining, Squirrel, Sps-2000, Samsung er-640, and many more custom interfaces available.